general questions

Do you just sell beer?

No – we have two fully stocked bars and a full wine list.

Are dogs welcome?

Yes – we love them, and we have our Mr Watson, the Brewery dog, on site most of the time.
(Be warned – do not instigate a game of ball throwing. He will not leave you alone)
We have a dog menu – stops begging at the table.

Do you have disabled access and a lift?

Yes, we do, a ramp is situated to the left as you come through the front door and the lift is at the back of the building to the side of the brewery.

Do you have baby changing facilities?

Yes, to the left in our ladies and disabled toilet.

Do you allow breast feeding?

Yes, we do – a hungry baby is a noisy one :) we can provide a private space upstairs or just do what you do, where you feel comfy.

Where can we park?

We recommend Gloucester Square Car Park or the Triangle for long stay. There are some on road spaces parking either side of our building in Bugle Street and French Street. West Quay car park is a 5 minute walk.

Are children allowed?

Yes up until 9pm unless they are attending an event.

Do you have WIFI?

Yes we do. It’s easily accessible.

Can I book the space for my party?

Yes. Please fill in the event enquiry form.
Please note: Due to our strict licensing regulations, we do not host 18th or 21st birthday parties.

Can I bring in my own food?

Depends, wedding and birthday cakes are fine – anything else, please speak to an Events Fairy.

Can you make donations or sponsor my charity campaign?

At DMB we love to support a good cause. However, we receive a least 5 requests every week, 52 weeks a year and as much as we wish we could support them all, we sadly, can’t.

This is what we do…
Each year 2 charities are chosen from the requests we have received. For 2018 – we chose Wessex Cancer Trust and Karibi Dog Shelter.
Both charities receive 25p every time we sell a certain item on our fabulous menu.

We also sponsor two young ladies who are juniors for Southampton Women Team. We supply kit and all manner of stuff to help the girlies on their way.

Raffles and other requests are dealt with on an individual basis and although we try not to say no, once the budget is blown we are afraid that’s it.  If you would like to be considered for sponsorship, either personally or on behalf of your charity, please email us with full details to info@dancingmanbrewery.co.uk and we shall look at each one – ready for 2019.

Do you have a function room?

Not as such.  We have a beautiful restaurant that we close to the public and this becomes your private space.  It’s a huge open plan room, photos coming soon :)

food & table booking

Do you do roasts on a sunday?

Yes we do – and they are the best in the City, probably.
We always have a red meat, white meat and no meat option (Vegan), usually something fishy and definitely a pie or two. Please book – we hate tears on a Sunday.

How can I book a table for 17 people?

Please use our events enquiry form and one of our lovely DMB events will be in touch. Standard restaurant booking are usually for groups up to 15 people as this can easily be arranged. Larger groups are welcome just need more planning.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

95% of our food is locally sourced or produced here in front of our guests from our open kitchen.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

On tables of 15 or more we ask for a £5 per head deposit. This is non-refundable, if you do not show up, – but is removed from your final bill, if you do. Christmas booking deposits are £10 per head.

If I am late will I lose the booking?

If we do not hear from you and you are more than half an hour late for your table, we may refuse the booking. Please call us on 023 8083 6666 to let us know.
Did you know… The average restaurant loses £7000 in London through no shows?

Where are the toilets?

In the summer we have 3 portable loos outside along the park path. Inside, downstairs to the left we have Ladies and Disabled and a gents – upstairs at the very back, between the kitchen and bar we have 2 ladies and 3 gents

Why can’t I eat my pie outside?

We have 2 menus – one is a la carte and is eaten in our restaurant the other is packed full of lovely stuff that we can serve outside. Wait until it’s a rainy day and then come in for pie.

Do I have to pre-order my food?

Yes but only if it’s an event – talk to your Co-Ordinator – or a group booking over 15.

Do you supply candles for my cake I am bringing in?

No sorry – please bring them in with you.

event & wedding booking

Can you recommend a photographer?

Yes we can – and DJ’s/cakes/eyelashes/… – just about everything you will need for your big day  – ask your co-ordinator for details.

How do I book?

Fill in our Event Enquiry Form and someone from our lovely events team will be in touch.


What’s the max capacity at DMB?

Upstairs – 110 seated or up to 130 if standing (Drinks reception, for example)
Entire venue = 240 max.

Can I bring in my own caterers?

Afraid not – we have our own team of chefs and a great choice of buffet options.

Can I bring in my own wine/drink?

You may – there corkage fees, please speak to your co-ordinator.

Can you supply birthday/wedding cakes?

No but we know who can.

Can we bring in our own entertainers for children?

Yes, you can but we need to discuss the type of entertainment (fire eaters are not a good idea and Punch and Judy just makes them punchy)

Do you cater for Vegans, Vegetarians, gluten free, Lactose intolerance etc?

Yes, we do – come and discuss your requirements with our chefs. Did you know all our beers are Vegan?

Do you supply table linen?

No but we can get a price from our supplier at Crocks or you can deal direct with Maggie.

Do you supply plates, cutlery and napkins?

Yes, we do and it’s all included in the hire price.

Can we use chair covers?

No – sorry none of our chairs match so it’s impossible.

Can I decorate the venue – balloons etc – or do you do it?

We can but at a cost, so we are happy to help under your instruction. We also have several companies’ details should you require a ‘make-over or themed’ party.

PLEASE note – if you bring helium balloons in to DMB and they go up into our roof there will be a charge of £50 per balloon to get them down. We are not being party poopers, they always move during the night and set off our very sensitive, alarm system. We then have to leave our warm beds and come into the brewery to deactivate them. No fun, hence the charge

Do you supply flowers?

We can do the simple stuff but if its big and fancy you are looking for, we know who can.

Can I have a photobooth?

We have a beautiful screen which we make into a photo area. It’s a lovely back drop and we dress it with some of our quirky stuff. It’s not capable of taking instant pics though. Everyone owns a phone these days, so if you ask them nicely not to post pictures on social media, but to send them directly to you, you will get copies for your albums whilst saving money to spend on your Honeymoon.

Please ask your Events Fairy for a peek at the screen. Its £50 to hire for the entire day.

Can I have a band or DJ?

Yes you can but we do have some restrictions regarding sound levels, but this will be fully explained when we meet. Please do not book a band before we have spoken as very loud drums and brass are not permitted. (they drive our neighbours insane).

Do you have cake stands and a knife?

We do. Our cake stands are logs, which are in keeping with our rusticy theme. The cake knife is engraved with DMB and we are happy for you to use FOC.

Can we hire a Sweet Trolley?

Yes, you can – we have a beautiful one. It’s £35 to hire for the day and all you need to bring in is the sweets and some bags – we have everything else such as jars and scoops.

Can we have sparklers?

No sorry – our building is a tinderbox. If you want a fabulous wedding pic, take your sparklers onto the park next door, along with your photographer and get a shot when its dark. Write your names or create a large, sparkly love heart – makes for a really cool pic.

beer & brewery

Can I buy kegs or casks of your beer for my pub/party/garage bar/BBQ/thirsty sister?

No. Not from us anyway.  Almost all of the beer that we produce is sold here at the brewery.

Occasionally we supply beer festivals in Hampshire and surrounding counties. If at any time we find ourselves with any excess stock then it is sold by Tom at Forest Wholesale. Get Tom to add you to his list by emailing him at: forestwholesale@yahoo.co.uk

Is your beer vegan and/or vegetarian friendly?

All of our beer is “unfined”. That is to say that none of our beers contain Isinglass finings. Because of this most of our beers are indeed vegan and vegetarian friendly.

We do however use lactose (milk sugar) in our Milkshake IPAs, and in Bovine Intervention, our milk stout. If you are unsure about how suitable any specific beer is for your requirements, please, please, ask a member of our team before ordering and we will be glad to assist you.

Do you sell beer to take away?

We schedule in several canning days per year so we do have Big Casino in cans at certain times of the year.  These cans are incredibly sought after and sell out fast so if we are shouting about cans being available, get in quick or you will miss the boat.

Our 1 Ltr Growlers are always available. You can purchase these behind the bar for £5, or feel free to bring your own. We recommend filling them with keg beer, and offer 20% discount on Dancing Man beer for take out.

Do you do brewery tours and tastings?

Yes we do – please email brewing@dancingmanbrewery.co.uk