Brewer’s Musings

Neon Jungle

So as always we have been busy in the brewery concocting new ways to make you feel good! Firstly though………HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had a great Christmas period. It seems a lifetime ago already. For those of you doing Dry-anuary……..WHAT???? and for the rest of the […]

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written by Aidan • 21st January 2019 Brewer’s Musings

Festive spirit…Old Ale actually

Tis the season at last! Well nearly anyway. Some fools have been at this Christmas lark since bonfire night. I think it’s just about time to let you know about our seasonal beer offering. Bloody Red Baron Christmas Reserve 6.5%. As some of you might know Bloody Red Baron […]

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written by Aidan • 30th November 2018 Brewer’s Musings

To fine or not to fine…

So I was in the pub the other night and I was approached by a gentleman named Paul. Now aside from being a good ale drinking man, Paul plays a part in blood analysis for the NHS and from here on in will be referred to as Dr Acula. We got […]

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written by Aidan • 19th November 2018 Brewer’s Musings

Return of Moloko Drengo

Back by popular demand. That’s right, it’s back. Our Vanilla Milkshake IPA, Moloko Drengo 5.7% has returned like a sweet toothed hero returning from the great war of the sorbet, to fill the hearts and minds of the great and the good! After the subsequent success of Strawberry Moloko, […]

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written by Aidan • 8th November 2018 Brewer’s Musings

New flavours for your love and enjoyment

Greetings all! Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. I am a Luddite and a technophobe, and I have no place in this modern world. I WILL beat this devil in me with an axe shaped, hand held digital device and scream across the technosphere “No longer will […]

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written by Aidan • 1st October 2018 Brewer’s Musings

The season of Sour Power is here…

The hippies in 1967’s summer of love had flower power, but Dancing Man in 2018’s summer of decidedly strange, post heatwave, muggy and uncomfortable weather, has Sour Power! Yes we have only gone and made the most tang-tastic (ahem) Raspberry sour. Raspberry Mother Pukka 4.1% is arguably the most […]

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written by Aidan • 24th August 2018 Brewer’s Musings

Its not coming home. . .but we have beer!

Why good day! Another blog post huhh? What shall I talk about? Beer? Football? Making homemade butter? Our recent and upcoming BBQs? Yes you guessed it……. All of them! I count myself very lucky to have a never ending, childlike enthusiasm for pretty much everything good in the world. […]

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written by Aidan • 13th July 2018 Brewer’s Musings

Best Bar None and other news!

Hello! My my we have been busy! Firstly I’d like to thank everyone for your kind words and well wishes regarding our recent victory at the Best Bar None awards. We picked up the coveted Best Pub award for the second time on the trot, and runner up overall. […]

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written by Aidan • 11th May 2018 Brewer’s Musings

Good news & January blues!

Hello to one and all! Hope you all had a fine old time over the holidays? Perhaps more so, I hope you are succeeding with your Dry-anuary or Try-anuary resolutions. Don’t get too carried away as we have some malty treats coming up in February. As part of our […]

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written by Aidan • 24th January 2018 Brewer’s Musings

Super Liquid on its way!

Hello again fine people of this beautiful world! As always we have been very busy rustling up beery beverages for your taste buds to feast on. Firstly Id like to apologise to anyone that was looking forward to our Gunslinger IIPA. Some clever git tampered with our glycol chiller […]

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written by Aidan • 8th May 2017 Brewer’s Musings