about us

In 2015 we all set off on an exciting and quite scary, adventure.
We found our new home, set out our stall, brewed, baked and grew and our team from 10 to 40 in 3 months, painted, tiled, re-floored and all worked like little Trojans. 2 years on and we have given the place a spruce, added new junk, mostly found on The Bay of Dreams, have a new website, new grub list in October and we were on a roll. So we had a chat and decided to make some big changes whilst the Autumn winds are blowing.

Dancing Man Brewery are proud to present our shiny new logo and all singing all dancing website.

Over the next few weeks you will see little tweaks and changes around the building and on the website, even on our uniforms. Social media pages will be updated soon and the new site will contain photos, sexy beer news and all sorts of jiggery-pokery and after Christmas (rubbish timing but you will love them) a range of t shirts that don’t make you look like you have eaten a cushion or make you look like a vicar…
Oh and new glassware. Please don’t steal them, buy one and be the envy of your friends.
We would like to thank you for your patience whilst the site is updated.

If you run into difficulties call us on 023 8083 6666 or send us a message :)