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Welcome to DMB

You may be wondering what goes on in that really old building opposite the Pier with all those people sat outside?

Well, let us tell you…
Back in Febuary 2015, two friends with a brilliant idea set about a plan to bring something very unique and special to the City. We found a home in a huge but empty building and set about making our dreams a reality. We designed a brewhouse and restaurant within the beautiful walls and created the Dancing Man Brewery a very different kind of business. Totally independent from any other business or pub we are a true Free House.

We brew award-winning ales in an old Wool House that’s stood since Noah was a lad (well, 700 or so years). We cook, we party and we love a beer or three here so if that floats your boat, please come and see us and our lovely, tattooed chefs, our dog Mr Watson and the rest of our smiley team.

Have a mooch around our new site – whether it’s beer, food, history or you are just naturally inquistive (Mum would have said nosey, but we wouldn’t dare say that) – take a look and if there is anything you can’t find an answer to, send us the question at info@ (or via our form) and we will make something up.

If you love a read we can also be found in the Good Food Guide. We have over 15 awards for our beer and with the help of our amazing kitchen team have just been voted Best Restaurant in Southampton by Time Out magazine! We have added this to our fine collection of awards – Best Pub in Southampton for 2 years on the trot and, in our first year, we were awarded Best Design in the South for the way in which we spruced up the old place. Do have a look at these photos! :)

DMB news

drum roll please…

Lovely friends of DMB. Finally – it’s here………… drum roll please……….. Our shiny, new website is well and truly here at last. It took some time, but we have made it ours and we are ready to share its wonderfulness with you all.  There are a few sections that […]

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written by Mandy • 3rd October 2018 dmb news