Out with the old, in with the new

The Story so Far….

In February 2018 we will be celebrating our 3rd birthday. Almost 3 years already! So much water has passed under our little bridge and many of you lovely people have been with us from the start.

Let’s have a quick re-cap

We started back in 2015 with 2 fermenters – we now have 7! This means we can brew even more wonderful beer and also means our lager Necessary Evil will be a permanent fixture.

Highlights of 2016 for us were being awarded Best Bar None Pub 2016, Best Bar None Overall Winner and Best Design in the South!! We also have lots of awards for our wonderful brews, so the future is bright. We have had a bit of an early spring clean and constantly try to bring tiny changes to our operation, to enhance your experience.

To go with all the updates within the building (new floor, decorated toilets, new furniture) we are very excited and proud to introduce:

Our new logoOur menus (have a peek!)
And our (still under construction so please bear with us) shiny new website.

As a totally independent, privately owned company we thought it time to focus on a re-brand – Out with the Old in with the New kind of deal.

We feel our new look better reflects who we are and what we stand for. We are still Dancing Man Brewery, still brewing fabulous beer and serving very delicious food. Our team has been enhanced with some new faces, the old ones are still just as pretty and we are all on side to make your time with us as enjoyable as poss. We have had a make-over!

Much of the information we wish to share with you has been added to the new site but there is still a long way to go and we ask for your patience and understanding whilst we fill these pages with interesting and curious gems that will delight and excite you. If you do experience some teething problems whilst we transfer things from the old to the new site – please get in touch. We shall do our very best to help.

So, if you haven’t been here before – welcome.
If you have – welcome back and thanks ever so for your continued interest in what we do and brew x


Summer BBQs

Good day to you all –

Starting on 27th May and every other weekend, we will be hosting a BBQ (fingers crossed for good weather).

There will be a variety of free range meats from our local butcher, Swallow Fields farm, and for the vegetarians, a vegetable skewer, served in a handmade Khobez flatbread with jalapeno slaw, fresh succotash topped with green goddess dip. . .YUM!

The restaurant will be open as usual with a reduced menu made available.

Come on down and enjoy the beer, BBQ and beautiful weather (we hope)

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written by Sarah • 21st May 2018 events