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We’re very excited to re-open this great building and would love to know your thoughts. Let us know how we’re doing ;)

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  1. Good afternoon,
    Sorry for the delay in replying. I have forwarded you details to the person who co-ordinates our brewery tours.

    from Sarah • 11th September 2017
  2. please contact me re a brewery tour thankyou

    from sue • 12th August 2017
  3. Good afternoon Cheryl,
    Thanks you for contacting the Dancing Man.
    Can I ask you to go to our booking enquiry section on our home page and complete a form. Someone from our events team will be able to deal with your request.
    Kind Regards

    from Sarah • 13th March 2017
  4. I will be leaving on a cruise on April 29, 2017. I am trying to get a group of us together for our pre-sail on the 28th. I have no idea how many will join up as of yet, but am wondering if you have a space for us to all gather. I am sure most will be having dinner as well. I thought I’d check now for any thoughts/opinions you may have if our numbers grow. Thanks!

    from Cheryl Faulkner • 12th March 2017
  5. Good morning Mr Slade,
    I will pass your message on to our brewer and he will be in touch.
    Kind regards

    from Sarah • 1st February 2017
  6. Hi,

    I am a local organic gardener and as such im always on the look out for free garden resources like spent brewery grains.

    Is there any chance that you maybe able to provide some rather than any going to waste.

    Many Thanks


    from Pete Slade • 30th January 2017
  7. Good afternoon Katy,
    Thankyou for your enquiry.
    We have forwarded your email to our Events Director who will be in touch.

    from Sarah • 18th December 2016
  8. Hello. We’ve just got engaged and are looking at some wedding venues for next Christmas (probably late Nov, early Dec). We don’t know whether we can plan it in a year, but if we can we will.

    The photos of your weddings look lovely and we would love to talk to you about venue hire. We read somewhere that a couple had even brewed a wedding ale with you?

    Please could you get back to me with your prices, capacity and maybe a good date for a viewing?



    from Laura Pratt • 15th December 2016
  9. Dear David, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. We are pleased that you and your family had a good time here at the Dancing Man and we look forward to seeing you again.
    Kind Regards Sarah

    from Sarah • 11th December 2016
  10. Had a lovely time with the family (kids and grand children) lovely meals and great atmosphere Thank you

    from David Vane • 11th December 2016
  11. Good afternoon Hannah,
    Thank you for your enquiry, I will forward your email to our events team who will get back to you.

    from Sarah • 24th October 2016
  12. Good afternoon,

    I was wondering if you would be able to help us?
    We are getting married locally on the 8th July 2017.
    We have a party of 25 – 30 people that will need feeding after at around 2pm. It won’t be a traditional wedding breakfast but we would just like some good food to see us through the rest of the day!
    Could you cater for something like this? And if so what kind of menu would you offer and what would the costing a be?

    Thank you in advance,

    Kind regards,

    from Hannah clarke • 21st October 2016
  13. Good afternoon Katy,
    Thankyou for your enquiry.
    We have forwarded your email to our Events Director who will be in touch.

    from Sarah • 1st March 2016
  14. Hi there,
    Myself and my partner are looking for somewhere in the Southampton area to host a beer festival-style wedding reception/party. Is this something you would be able to consider?

    Many Thanks


    from Katy • 24th February 2016
  15. Good afternoon Andrew,
    Thankyou for your enquiry.
    We have forwarded your email to our Events Director who will be in touch.

    from Sarah • 1st February 2016
  16. Hello,

    I hope you can help. My names Andrew and I run Supernatural Tours, one of my colleagues recently met up with you to discuss potentially working with you.

    We run a range of events including ghost hunts, murder mysteries, psychic suppers, psychic fairs and we also operate the Southampton Ghost Walk experience with See Southampton who recommended us to you.

    We would love to host some of our events with you and maybe start our ghost walks from your venue too.

    Kind regards

    from Andrew Frewing-house • 31st January 2016
  17. Good afternoon Caroline,
    Thank you so much for your comments.
    We are so pleased that you enjoyed the Wedding and also the food.
    Do come again!

    from Mandy • 5th August 2015
  18. I would just like to thank you for an amazing afternoon/evening on Saturday 1st august when my Niece and her husband held their wedding. Your Staff were so polite and accommodating and we also loved the fact that you provided Gluten free pies for my coeliac daughter and sister. The whole atmosphere was amazing. We will certainly be coming back in the near future to enjoy your hospitality. :) :)

    from Caroline Evans • 2nd August 2015
  19. Hello Ken,
    Thank you so much for your kind comments – much appreciated!

    from Mandy • 29th May 2015
  20. Wonderful addition to the real ale and craft beer scene in Southampton. What a building.! Hard to find fault; ok a few ‘teething’ problems, but great brewpub beer and the selection of guest beers is outstanding. It is what Southampton needed!
    Please keep the downstairs for drinkers and not for private parties – keep up the hard work! Brilliant…

    from Ken • 24th May 2015
  21. Chris,

    Thank you so much for your message.
    Yes we did indeed have lots of guests last weekend for Davina – what a night! Look out for them on Jools Holland.
    There were ‘extra’ boys out on the town this weekend and at least 30 of those chaps are friends of ours on a stag night.
    We get quite an even split of male and females generally so I do not for see any problems in future.
    Thank you for the feedback.

    from Mandy • 15th April 2015
  22. Our first visit last night (11th April). Superb interior setting. The staff were friendly and efficient, made us feel very much at home. Food quality was excellent and the Band, Davina and the Vagabonds, was sensational. Wonderful New Orleans sound but also great Soul. You did very well to get them.
    Only cautionary note relates to the presence of large, all-male groups. Would hate to see you go the way of so many Southampton venues.
    We also want you to succeed.

    from Chris Weldon • 12th April 2015
  23. Janice

    Sorry for the late response and thank you for you feedback. We are very sorry that your experience at TDM was not a good one.

    In our defence March was a very sharp learning curve. We never imagined that we would be so popular and we are very grateful for the interest and support we have had from our guests. Our popularity has lead to many new systems being put into place – our staff levels in week one were 10 in total six weeks on we have 30.

    Our tiny kitchen creaked at the seams and food was being eaten at such a rate that the Kitchen team struggled to keep up hence all the unavailable dishes. Our food is made from scratch – not bought in and this takes time to prepare. Our wonderful pies take 4 to 5 hours to make but are devoured in 20 minutes so we re- addressed kitchen layout, bought new equipment and went from 3 kitchen staff to 7.

    We do still get occasional shortages but these are due to demand. We have restructured things in such a way that we can now control the flow of walk ins and bookings and the last 3 weeks have work very successfully.

    Again we are sorry you were not happy and we would love to see you again to allow us to show you how much better service has become. Please let me know when you plan to come in and I will make sure I am here to buy you a beer.

    Again, thank you for the feedback.

    from Mandy • 9th April 2015
  24. came here today for a light late lunch as Id been working.Went to order food And Not the pie I wanted ,for both me and husband.No mash either ,so not very impressed .Love the building and what you have done with it ,but feeling let down .Especially as we have eaten at the platform and that’s always been good .What can I say but you need to get things sorted .Colleagues at work have been here and have said the same .

    from Janice Evans • 29th March 2015
  25. Ian,

    Thank you for your comment – we put our hands up and totally agree with your comments.
    We have new systems in place, training modules for all staff, extra staff (we had 10 on our books when you came to see us and we now have 30). A new menu – with more choices, starters and desserts will be available soon and we have introduced a specials board for the weekends.

    Really sorry your visit was disappointing and we do hope you will return soon.

    from Mandy • 28th March 2015
  26. This is a great building, great ambiance and great beer, the place was packed. We booked a table upstairs to try the food. I’d like to tell you what the food was like but unfortunately after an hour wait and couple of chases the staff realized that our orders were lost (we weren’t the only ones). Unfortunately they realized only after the kitchen was closed so we had to go without. Staff were apologetic and waved our bar bill but still it was pretty annoying especially as we booked a table. I’m certain this will be a great place but it definitely needs some bedding in and better organisation, once that happens the Wool House will be a top venue and maybe we’ll get to eat something :)

    from Ian • 21st March 2015
  27. Karen
    Thank you so much for your message.
    Apologies for the late response.

    We were very sorry to hear about your disappointing visit. We can only put our hands up and say we have worked and continue to work very hard to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

    We have new systems in place, training modules for all staff, extra staff (we had 10 on our books when you came to see us and we now have 30).
    A new menu – with more choices, starters and desserts will start next week and we have introduced a specials board for the weekends. Unfortunately we cannot stock fish here – we have the tiniest kitchen and fish needs its own fridges, prep area and separate storage space which we just don’t have (The Platform Tavern specialises in fish dishes so please check it out).
    The Falafel Burger has been revamped too and is no longer stodgy.

    We do hope you come back and see us – please let me know when you intend and I will make sure I am here.
    Thank you again for the feed back – things have changed.

    from Mandy • 20th March 2015
  28. We came for a meal this evening. The building looks fantastic and has great ambience. We were delighted we could bring the dog! Unfortunately new staff were still bedding in so one of our meals got lost and arrived after the others had finished. But staff were really apologetic and didn’t charge for meal and gave us free drink, so top marks for dealing with that. two of us are veggies and we would have appreciated more options. A fish dish would be good! Nb the falafel burger is very stodgy.
    The beer is lovely.
    We will definitely come back when we hope staff are more experienced and menu has more veggie/fish choices!
    We want you to succeed!!

    from Karen Wardley • 12th March 2015
  29. I was fortunate enough to attend Shawn’s 50th birthday bash at The Wool House last Saturday evening. The building certainly has the wow factor and all those I spoke to were in awe of the place. The staff serving at the private party at the bar upstairs were friendly and efficient and I have mentioned to a couple of colleagues about holding our office Christmas lunch there if that’s the type of thing you will be doing? Only downside I can see is parking. Keep up the good work, I am sure that as soon as word gets round the Wool House is going to be a fantastic success story.

    from Teresa Broome • 5th March 2015
  30. Hi all so pleased you are up and running. Great website. Will get to see you soon.
    Aggy and Helen

    from Helse • 3rd March 2015
  31. Wow what a great website sits beautifully on phone iPad & PC

    from Fee • 27th February 2015