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Work on our new site is still in progress. We will resume our updates to news and other goings-on at DMB soon. Check out what we've been up to so far and stay tuned :)

Super Liquid on its way!

Hello again fine people of this beautiful world! As always we have been very busy rustling up beery beverages for your taste buds to feast on. Firstly Id like to apologise to anyone that was looking forward to our Gunslinger IIPA. Some clever git tampered with our glycol chiller

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written by Aidan Lavin • 8th May 2017 Brewer’s Musings

Latest Gossip from DMB

So here we are at the beginning of May already. Both Bank Holidays were fab for us helped by some occasional sunshine, and there is another one yet to come! We have started to show case some of Southampton’s young talent here at TDM on a Sunday (not every

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written by Mandy • 4th May 2017 dmb news

Busy busy busy!

My oh my have we been busy! January and February are typically the quietest months but apparently not this year. Cant wait until summer to see you guys in top gear! With the new harvest of northern hemisphere hops in our cold store, our hoppy beers are tasting fresher

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written by Aidan Lavin • 18th March 2017 Brewer’s Musings

What a fabulous fortnight!

Hello lovely people Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that not only voted for us but have supported us from the very beginning back in Feb 2015. Its been an incredible 2 weeks. First the Best Bar None awards where we scooped up Best Pub in

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written by Mandy • 25th November 2016 dmb news

Best Bar None!

What can I say? We are totally blown away at the Best Bar None awards not only for winning BEST PUB IN SOUTHAMPTON but also Overall Winner of Best Venue! What a night. We all felt very proud – had so many comments about how amazing the venue is

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written by Mandy • 17th November 2016 dmb news


Just thought I would give you a little update on what’s new at DMB. The Boat Show was fabulous! Thank you to all our new customers and the faithful who made the Boat Show a happy and busy time – we did meet a couple of undesirables but we don’t

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written by Mandy • 4th November 2016 dmb news

Autumnal greetings!

So summer is gone but sunny Southampton still shines on! We don’t know how good we’ve got it down here……. The Boatshow was a blast this year. We were far more prepared for it this time round and I believe the staff actually enjoyed the chaos, a bit…… well maybe

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written by Aidan Lavin • 15th October 2016 Brewer’s Musings

Southampton Sight. . . Come see them today!

Good afternoon one and all! Today between 2pm and 6pm we are welcoming the Southampton Sight charity. They are a local charity based near Southampton Common who are looking for help and any funds to tidy up and improve their sensory garden. The Dancing Man is playing host to Southampton

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written by Sarah • 18th August 2016 dmb news

The Keepers Artist Collective

Here at the Dancing Man we have various pieces of artwork in the upstairs area as part of The Keepers Artist Collective. Come along and view them at your leisure whilst trying some of our lovely beer along with a spot of lunch, or why not meet the artists? As

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written by Sarah • 11th August 2016 dmb news

Lazy Sun day afternoons…there’s a kink in the pipe!

How do! What a lovely summer we are all having here at Dancing Man! The BBQs been-a-sizzlin’, great music-a-playin’, and the beer pumps have been pullin’ like a milk maids elbow! More BBQ action coming up on Saturday and Sunday the 27th and 28th of August (bank holiday weekend)

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written by Aidan Lavin • 4th August 2016 Brewer’s Musings