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Super Liquid on its way!

Hello again fine people of this beautiful world! As always we have been very busy rustling up beery beverages for your taste buds to feast on. Firstly Id like to apologise to anyone that was looking forward to our Gunslinger IIPA. Some clever git tampered with our glycol chiller unit, which resulted in our beloved […]

by Aidan Lavin, Head Brewer • 8th May 2017

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Busy busy busy!

My oh my have we been busy! January and February are typically the quietest months but apparently not this year. Cant wait until summer to see you guys in top gear! With the new harvest of northern hemisphere hops in our cold store, our hoppy beers are tasting fresher and brighter than ever. Big Casino […]

by Aidan Lavin, Head Brewer • 18th March 2017

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Autumnal greetings!

trip to GBBF, AIdan

So summer is gone but sunny Southampton still shines on! We don’t know how good we’ve got it down here……. The Boatshow was a blast this year. We were far more prepared for it this time round and I believe the staff actually enjoyed the chaos, a bit…… well maybe they enjoyed the after (boat) show […]

by Aidan Lavin, Head Brewer • 15th October 2016

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Lazy Sun day afternoons…there’s a kink in the pipe!

How do! What a lovely summer we are all having here at Dancing Man! The BBQs been-a-sizzlin’, great music-a-playin’, and the beer pumps have been pullin’ like a milk maids elbow! More BBQ action coming up on Saturday and Sunday the 27th and 28th of August (bank holiday weekend) with live music from 3, and […]

by Aidan Lavin, Head Brewer • 4th August 2016

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Rain rain go away. . .

Please don’t rain. Please don’t rain. Please don’t rain on our BBQ. Yes that’s right. The good old English weather is threatening our day of glory. This Saturday (2nd) we intend on hosting the first of our big summer blowouts. Outside will be the Big Casino bar, a-mazing Texas style BBQ food and some busking […]

by Aidan Lavin, Head Brewer • 30th June 2016

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Weather permitting

I know it doesn’t seem like it now but summer is here! Hooray!!!! I’m sure it’ll come good soon. In the land of The Dancing Man things have been all go. Creative juices have been flowing as freely as the ale. Our very talented Sibbick brothers have once again astounded one and all with their […]

by Aidan Lavin, Head Brewer • 17th June 2016

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A year older!

Holy smoke! What was that???? A year??? Yes that’s right folks, we have be open a full year and what a year it’s been! Thanks to everyone that joined in the first year celebrations. That Little Casino really does get you by the short and curlys doesn’t it? The Wednesday before our birthday, myself and […]

by Aidan Lavin, Head Brewer • 10th March 2016

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Happy Birthday TDM!

Hello people of the world! I am very proud and pleased to say that our first anniversary is but a few weeks away, and in true DMB fashion we have a few treats in store for you all. Friday the 26th Feb is our official birthday so we would like to invite all of you […]

by Aidan Lavin, Head Brewer • 1st February 2016

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The Randell is here!

Hello again! Hope you’re all well. As mentioned in my last post, Sea City Gold and 16 Tonne Stout are both now available from the Dancing Man and the Platform Tavern. Brew sheets for both are on this website so please have a look. Our beers Our Randell Friday session has taken off big style. For […]

by Aidan Lavin, Head Brewer • 16th October 2015

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Hoppy Treats

How do! Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post. I’ve been to the outer limits of the brewniverse concocting hoppy treats for one and all. So what’s new in the land of The Dancing Man?…. First on the agenda is Music In The City! It’s this Saturday and Sunday (3rd & 4th […]

by Aidan Lavin, Head Brewer • 1st October 2015

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